Why African Lace Fabric?

African Lace Fabric Changes

For the black tradition,attending a party or official occasion without wearing “lace” is unacceptable,as it has become a festival clothing and fashion since last century. Wearing lace is not only to show respect for guests,but also to stand for prestige themselves.

In the old days,produced lace fabrics for the West African market were Nigerian-Austrian,they have high quality lace fabrics,especially Swiss voile lace. But now,in China,you can buy very similar or same quality voile lace,and can get much better price.Current Voile lace, are not only refer to Swiss voile,but China, Korea,even India quality.

With the term “lace” people may usually think about embroideries.In modern african lace wearing fashion, laces are more than embroideries, it become more diversified,can be with beads,sequins,applique;even metal decorations,like eyelet,rings,chains and rivets.People put more decoration on the materials,this why comes new lace fabric category, like Handmade Beaded lace,Sequin lace,3D lace.Having so much lace fabric variety, French lace are in the Top Popularity because of its most common be used,become the main fashion trend.

The traditional are still keeping,beauty remains.

Some classic designs are still hot in the market.Basic material are still voile lace, French lace,Tulle lace,Guipure lace,Sequins Lace,double organza Handcut Lace,Bazin Lace, Brocade Lace,Velvet lace.They are not only differ by embroideries and colors,but more decoration.