The History Of French Lace

Laces are becoming an important part of the fashion of African and here at bestwaylace,it is a popular dress that’s shipped all over the world,our beautiful French laces are available in some stunning colors and designs particularly.Because the King Louis XIV who ruled France from 1643 until 1715 was concerned at the amount of lace that was being imported from Italy.And then,the first luxurious lace was manufactured!

A status symbol-lace

In the 17th century of France, French aristocracy  wore lace  on their collars, sleeves and hats.The social status of ladies and gentlemen in the royal court was determined by the complexity and quality of their lace garments. Ladies all particularly believed that it was a huge status symbol to see who could wear the most expensive lace .The King Louis XIV found the possibility of developing the lace-making industry in France after his finance minister expressed concern at a lot of money being spent on importing fabrics. That was the beginning of lace manufacturing in France.

Lace-making provided work for the poor

At the beginning, lace-makers of Italian and Belgian were encouraged to go to France to build school, they aught the poor the art of lace-making,and that provided jobs to the poor .At very first, the lace was made and looked like the Italian lace which the French courtiers loved very much. As time went by, the industry of French lace developed its own style and lace-makers began making unique French lace fabric.After that,the French children as young as 6 years old  learned lace-making in school. If the fabric they produced was accomplished enough to sell, they were paid for their efforts. In those days,the school day was 10 - 12 hours long.