How to use the Head Tie
How to use the Head Tie??

The "Aso-Oke Head Ties" is an accessory worn with a traditional Nigerian outfit.In Western Africa, Nigeria to be precise.It is usually wear by females with a traditional attire, for special occasions like weddings, naming ceremonies, burials, church services, and religious celebrations.


Aso-oke is common tied with for textures of cloth material,is a hand woven material , it is popular amongest the western part of Nigeria and varies in colors and texture.

See to here,do you know about the African Aso-oke Head Ties For Ladies?I think yes,Right?

But I think you will have more interesting in how to tie the African Aso-oke Head Ties.Let’s me teach you step by step:(Tie the aso-oke head tie as following picture )

1.Choose a common aso-oke used to tie.The aso-oke can vary in texture and length. As a beginner,it is advised to use a head tie with medium length and texture(about width:0.17m

length:17.2m), prevent things from getting too complicated.


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2.Place the aso-oke immobilization on your head, and tie the ends into a knot at the back of the head.

By the way,if you would want to have your hair combed back and kept behind your ears, this is a best choice to prevent your hair from being knotted with the head tie.