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African lace fabric changes

African lace fabric changes

Attending a party or official occasion without wearing “lace” is unacceptable , as it have become a festival clothing and fashion since last century.

In the old days , produced lace fabrics for the West African market were Nigerian-Austrian , they have high quality lace fabrics , especially Swiss voile lace. But now , in China , you can buy very similar or same quality voile lace , and can get much better price. Current Voile lace , are not only refer to Swiss voile ; but China , Korean , even India quality.

With the term “lace” people may usually think about    embroideries . In modern African lace wearing fashion , lace are more than embroideries  ,  it become more diversity , can be with beads , sequins , applique ; even metal decorations , like eyelet, rings , chains and rivets .  People put more decoration on the material , this why comes new Lace fabric category , like Beaded lace , Sequin lace , 3D lace. Having so much lace fabric variety , French lace are in the Top Popularity , become the main fashion trend.

Traditional are still keeping , beauty remains.

Some classic designs are still hot in the market . Basic material are still voile lace , French lace , Tulle lace , Guipure lace , double organza ,George and Velvet lace , they are not only differ by embroideries and colors , but more decoration~